Catholic Schools in Bedford

schools-imageThe St Francis of Assisi Academy Trust provides all-through Catholic education for the culturally-diverse Bedford community. Provision is based on 4 sites:

·        St Joseph’s for pupils from Early Years to Y4

·        St John Rigby for pupils from Early Years to Y6

·        St Gregory’s for pupils from Y5 to Y8

·        St Thomas More for pupils from Y9 to Y13

All-through provision places the child at the centre of all activity within the St Francis of Assisi Academy Trust. Children have been empowered to access learning opportunities at the appropriate stage, rather than age. Staff who possess a contagious burning interest in various aspects of practice have acted as liberating examples to others to give full rein to their own particular enthusiasms. An unshakeable belief in the capacity of all to succeed permeates all facets of the SFAAT.

Learning and teaching combines the very best of both primary and secondary pedagogy. The Trust believes passionately in all-through education. The individual child is at the centre: the system is driven by the needs of children, not the wants of government. Pupil progress and attainment is tracked and enhanced through collaboration and organisational autonomy. This is education in the 21st Century.

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