Bedford Pastoral Area Council

A group of committed lay representatives from each parish, clergy and religious meeting regularly in support of the mission of the Catholic community in Bedford and Kempston.

The Pastoral Area Council facilitates initiative that help members of the Catholic community grow in their faith. It also encourages communication across the Catholic parishes and the wider Christian community. A recent initiative has been the formation of the Proclaim Evangelisation Group, which has successfully coordinated several initiatives to promote and share the joy of the Catholic Faith.

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Pastoral Area Officers
Canon Seamus Keenan (Pastoral Area Dean)
Mrs Liz Duggan (Chair of the Pastoral Area Council)
Sr Dympna Connolly (Secretary of the Pastoral Area Council)
Mrs Mary Frost (Treasurer of the Pastoral Area Council)

Parish Representatives
Samantha White (Our Lady’s)
Lynn Bull (St Joseph’s)
Phil Hills (St Joseph’s)
John Murphy (St Joseph’s)
Mary Makin (Holy Cross)
Elizabeth Ridley (Holy Cross)
Eamon Quinn (Schools liaison)
Mary Armitage (Schools liaison)
Rosemarie Langley (Christ the King)
Clare Ward (Christ the King)

Please ask your parish priest if you would be interested in joining us.